What are you thankful for?

A Thankful heart is a happy heart.

Dishwashers • Netflix • Parents- because no matter how old they are, they can still solve any problem. • Fireplaces • Local Farmers Market • Books • The Bible • Friends • Family • Bedtime Stories • Sunday Afternoons • Slow-cookers • Coffee • Pillows • Google • Family Traditions • Planes, Trains and Automobiles• Ice-cream • pumkin pie • Your Health • Chocolate • Peanut Butter • Garbage Dispoals • Younger Siblings • Puppies • Mason Jars • Food Delivery • Friendships • The Snooze button • Sweatpants • Caller ID • Baby Giggles • Snail Mail • Family Vacations • Grand Children • Wool Socks • Fresh cut flowers • Music • Sunsets • Air Freshners • Spell Check • School • Candles • Movies • Peppermint Gum • Smores and Campfires • Lilacs in the Spring • Hot Sauce • A really good Hug • Running • Cookbooks • Snow Days • Saturday Mornings • Mason Jars • Date Nights




  • 5 - Ministry Team Meetings
  • 11 - Youth Group 6pm
  • 12 - WOW Ladies Event
  • 18 - Youth Group 6pm
  • 19 - Hospitality Night
  • 23 - Happy Thanksgiving
  • 25 - Youth Group Activity
  • 26 - Blended Family Class

Upcoming Events


  • 2 - Youth Group 6pm
  • 9 - Youth Group 6pm
  • 10 - Ministry Team Meetings-Ugly Christmas Sweater
  • 10 - WOW Ladies Event
  • 16 - Youth Group Christmas Party
  • 17 - Hospitality Night,
    Cookie Exchange
  • 24 - Christmas Eve Service
  • 31 - Soup and White Elephant


Women of Worship

What Kind of Shoe Fits You?

the Lord directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives. NLT psalms 37:23

December 10 - Work Shoes



Blended Logo
Helping you find help and hope for your step-family.

This small group study provides an opportunity for couples to enhance their relationship and build intimacy. It will help you to apply the principles found in "The Smart Stepfamily Marriage" by Ron L. Deal to your relationship, whether dating, engaged, or married.

November 26

Welcome to The Church at Loveland

So for some reason you’ve landed on The Church at Loveland's website. We’re glad you did. Really, we are, and we’re not just saying that. Take a look around. Hopefully you’ll see something you like. And who knows? Maybe you’ll like our website so much we’ll see you this weekend.



An at-risk public elementary school child who needs a relationship with a caring adult.


Sixty critical minutes each week when a trained mentor befriends a child and helps him or her acquire basic academic skills.


Takes ownership of a program with its neighborhood school and provides a trained mentor and a behind-the-scenes prayer partner for each child.


Welcomes this proven intervention to increase the academic skills of at-risk children, while incurring no additional expense.


What is Kids Hope USA?
KIDS HOPE USA is the catalyst for an expanding network of church/school partnerships. These partnerships take on the enormous challenge of kids at risk—One Child, One Hour, One Church, One School at a time—through one-on-one mentoring relationships.


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