Volunteer Starts here. Volunteer at Church

We are a church on the move. We need every church member to act on faith and move within the walls of the church through service. Think about a church without small group leaders, weekend tech folks, communion preparers, gardeners, etc. What would it be like? Reaching in to our church family prepares the church for action. That’s what a church on the move is all about, and it all starts right here at home. Everyone is needed to make this church move down the many paths God places us on.


As a church, we value serving. Because we are a growing church, we continually have new volunteer needs so we may reach those God brings through our doors. God has chosen us to serve and through our actions, attitudes and words, we will impact the Kingdom of God and the lives of His people for eternity.


At The Church at Loveland, we strongly believe that each person is designed with a purpose — a purpose to live our lives for Christ and through this, we use our talents and gifts to serve Him and grow His kingdom. We are made to serve Him. We hope and pray that you will get involved at The Church at Loveland.


Volunteering is also a great way to get involved and meet others. We have several serving opportunities for you to be a part of. These service areas range from working behind-the-scenes (cleaning) to up front areas such as greeters and ushers.


Areas to Volunteer:

  • Greeters – You are the first people guests will see at our doors!! You get to be kind, polite, and cheerful people ready to answer questions, give directions, and provide them with a guest card.
  • Ushers – Much like the title suggests, you will usher people to their seats. We want to ensure there will be plenty of room for our guests to feel comfortable when they are choosing a seat. You are also responsible for collecting the prayer request cards at the end of each service.
  • Custodial – We need detail oriented people who are able to follow procedures allowing all areas of the building to be cleaned in an organized and thorough manner. You should be able to have a happy servant attitude, and enjoy picking up after people, periodically you will need to lift and carry forty pounds, and work on a step ladder. Also, keep an eye out for anything that may be broken or burnt out, and communicate those items to the proper person. There is no better way to work behind the scenes and get very little personal recognition, but it is a very necessary and appreciated job that is always accepting new volunteers!



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