Minsk, Belarus

Minsk Evangelism is under the direction of Stuart and Valerie Merrill. They are in their 11th year of ministering for the Lord in Minsk, in the former Soviet Union, and distributing humanitarian aid to institutions. They are reaching out to the people in Minsk by offering English lessons and using the Bible to accomplish this. Opportunities exist to go to Minsk, Belarus, as a mission trip to share in this work.

Here is a response from Shari Fisher who went in 2004.
“The challenges we face in the U.S. seem small in comparison to those faced by the people in Belarus. Belarus living conditions, poverty, and difficult social situation were one part of the daily challenges faced by people in Belarus. The political environment and religious structures are so very different than in the U.S. In spite of this, the group of teenagers that I worked with was amazing to me, with their positive attitudes, the respect they showed, and their willingness to learn in both their knowledge of English and the Bible.

The trip to Minsk was a very meaningful experience, both spiritually and mentally. The English classes were more difficult than I expected, but very rewarding. I enjoyed the hospitality of Valentina and Anya. Valentina is a true servant of the church. Valentina and I had our own English / Russian lessons some evenings and other evenings we talked about family and church and compared cultures. I learned a lot from her and think of her often.

The challenge of the work that you do is compounded by the issues that exist in Belarus and the setbacks they cause, buy your work is so wonderful! Many people in the Church told me how God had made a difference in their lives. One woman said, “We were without hope and now we have hope.” The struggles they face are many, but they are strong and selfless.

I continue to pray for the work of God in Belarus and the contacts made by our trip. I want to thank those who made it possible for our group to come to Minsk. There was much preparation necessary prior to our journey, and I appreciate those who spent so much time making this possible. My trip to Minsk will FOREVER IMPACT MY LIFE.”

How you may contact Minsk Evangelism:
Phone – Stuart and Valerie Merrill in Minsk Belarus, 011-375-233-5958
Email – Merrill@open.by
Church of Christ Russian Fund
17108 State Road 37
Harlan, IN 46743
Phone – 219-657-5147
Email – RicGustin@aol.com



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