Sudan African Mission

Sudan African Mission (SAM) is shepherded by Paul and Marilynn Douglass. They are working diligently to train evangelists in the Southern Sudan and provide long term humanitarian relief.

Paul has implemented a program to drill water wells, so the Sudanese can have safe drinking water. Most depend on rainwater drainage ponds for their drinking water. Most all village ponds are infected with parasites, bacteria and guinea worms in their best water. They are asking for 25 new wells to be drilled servicing 120 churches that have been established in the 5 Aweil counties. Each well is $10,000. With each well drilled at the Church building the villages build up around it. SAM has helped to establish Mokabiik Elementary School and Aweil Bible College which trains men to be evangelists. They are currently completing a massive clothing drive.


Sudan African Mission
Training Evangelists for Southern Sudan
Paul and Marilyn Douglass
How can I help?
     PRAY for Paul and Marilyn as they work with the new evangelists and the Sudanese people to spread the Gospel in Sudan.

     A GIFT BY CHECK OR CREDIT CARD is the most common and convenient way to give.   Checks should be made payable to Sudan African Mission and sent to:
Sudan African Mission
PO Box 187
Gresham, OR  97030
     FOOD, BLANKETS, CLOTHING, AND MEDICINES are essential needs for the Sudanese." Contact us for information about these needs and what you can do to help.




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