Hear how their story has been transformed.

I consider the people there to be my family...

I have been attending the Church at Loveland for many years. I consider the people there to be my family. Thay have been there through the pivotal moments in life with God's word, to encourage, motivate and care for me. I'm glad to be a part of this churchas we serve our community and hope to make a difference in the lives we encounter.   –Sarah

The Church at Loveland has been a huge blessing in mine and my families' lives. It's great to be part of a congregation that cares so much about it's members and the community. The services and prayer meetings are always uplifting and build my relationship with God.   – Kade

My family has been attending the Church at Loveland for over 30 years. This faith community has supported and stood by us through the happy and sad times. We have grown together and served together as we do all we can to grow in our relationship with God. The Church at Loveland is a place where we are seeking to serve God, share Jesus, and minister to our Community and a fellowship that I am grateful to be a part of.    – Robin

Before attending this church, I prayed I'd find a place where the truth is taught. I found that here and so much more. The people here strive to be Christ-like. When I'm with the church, I'm surrounded by authentic, truth-seeking believers and feel peace as I worship God with my 'family'. ~Cindy

What the church has done for me i believe has given me a core and foundation to stand on when I was lost in a disease of addiction. Because of the fellowship I received I knew what it is like to be loved for just me as God would love me . A place I can go where I’m always welcome and people generally want the best for me . I’m grateful for the love that I’m shown. – Chrissy

Why I need the church.
1. Where people like me are greeted with a genuine smile and many welcoming hand shakes and even an occasional hug from the grandma’s. I belong here.
2. I love to hear the occasional sound of baby’s cry or a toddlers tin of crayons falling on the floor. It was the knee of Jesus that supported such as these.
3. The songs are meaningful and meant to praise my Lord and yet uplift my spirit.
4. The privilege of participating in Lord’s Supper is central in the worship experience. Thinking of how Jesus suffered humbles me.
5. The morning message is such that I leave knowing more of God and my part in living it. Convicting yet encouraging.
6. Joy comes to my heart when I approach the wooden box with a cross on the top, to slide my tithe and offering in it. It is just me and God at that moment.
7. Listening to the people pray is comforting because they come from people that have the same problems and struggles I do. The prayers are not read or memorized, just heart felt asking and thanking God. I can relate without feeling judged. This is why I need the church       - Gary










Service Times

Sunday 9:00 am Sunday School
10:00 am Worship Service
Wednesday 7:00pm Bible Classes and Kids Bible Club (pre-3rd grd)
Saturday 6:00 pm - Youth Group (6th grade - 12th grade)

Our Vision

Our Vision Evangelize the lost.
Edify the saved
Minister to those in need. And be a conscience in the community.

Where to Find Us

We are Located {map}
1511 E. 11th St. Loveland, CO 80537
in The Life Center Building